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At the End of the Rainbow

Saturday, March 14, 2009 - - 5 Comments

When I was little, we had this unusual Calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. What was special with this calendar was that every date had its own 'box' and in it were names of saints angelassociated with that date, which would either be their feastday, death, sainthood or whatever.

My saint in concern was St. Patrick.

St. Patrick is Ireland's Patron Saint and his feastday is celebrated all over the world, not just in Ireland, every March 17th.

Which happens to be my birthday. I really don't mind.

Except that

It's a bummer to celebrate your birthday when everyone is going GREEN when you love RED. Isn't it ironic? :D

Anyho, every year, I would ask my mom why I wasn't named Patricia. Ahhhh all those years, I wanted to be a Patricia rindu I can't remember what mom answered. I just remember that I would ask again the following year. So I guess, the answer didn't really matter to me. Asking my mom about it was simply a habit hehehe ihikhik

St. Patrick's (or Paddy's or Patty's or Pat's) Day is associated with the color Greenbusuk, Clovers, Shamrocks, Leprechauns and Pots of Gold. St. Pat was a real person that lived back in 300AD. MAN! That was 1,709 years ago! That was so looong ago that St. Pat's real life was injected with stories of mythical proportions!!! Woooo! It includes some Mythical Fairies paying Leprechauns tons of GOLD for sewing their clothes! Now, these Leprechaun aren't really into shopping so they ended up with thousands upon thousands of POTS of Gold which they hid at the end of the rainbow.

Do you know anyone who has seen THE end of the rainbow yet? much more THE pots of gold? :D

So where is the Pot of Gold on THIS particular end of the rainbow? :D
Where are those Leprechauns!!!!!!!!

This was taken from an iPhone by a Photographer
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They say this isn't photoshoped. It looks like it isn't. Or maybe the edit was really really good.

What do YOU think?
Which SAINT got beheaded on YOUR birthday? Know Here
I was born on a Thursday.
That accounts for my feet-itchy-to-go-to-the-Mall hehehe
What DAY were you born? Know Here

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Chuckleloo said...

lol :D i was born october 19..... idk St Isaac and sum other person... lol

Millywily said...

idk my saint person... my bday February 12! I was born at 7:03 pm! plus i am a feternal twin/ twin brother.... he can get annoying! ;) :D

Ain Iffah said...

I was born on July 4
And I got St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Erm, may I ask, WHO IS SHE!? I am not a christian / catholic, so I don't know!

Joanna7777 said...

I am born on 26th of April at 10 to 11 at Sunday!

Joanna7777 said...

Heeelppp meee!i CAN'T LOG IN INTO blogger!I don't know why!

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